Precleaner Cyclone Unit

Precleaner Cyclone Unit
Type Cyclones Application
ST-X-CPC-150 1-6 First desanding
ST-CPC-X-150 1-6 Second desanding

The precleaner cyclone unit with ceramic cone provides optimal pretreatment preventing excessive wear from sand and other abrasive particles. It consists of abrasive resistance ceramic cones with stainless steel head, a settling tank including upstream water- and sand discharged system, all mounted on a stainless steel frame. The upstream water prevents the light parts (starch and fibres) from being discharged into the sand settling tank. The setting tank collects the separated sand. The sand discharge can by executed manually or automatically.


Sand and particle removal from liquids and suspensions

    First Desanding
  • Removal of sand and saw blade teeth, out of the root slurry after rasping
  • Extraction flow control: based on the cyclones flow characteristic conditional upon pressure difference
    Second Desanding
  • Removal of fine sand (red soil) out of the starch milk after extraction


  • Ceramic cyclone: high abrasive resistance, longer lifetime
  • High sand removal efficiency
  • Negligible starch loss due to upstreamwater
  • Automatic sand discharge

Stamex also provides spare parts for various brands of Precleaner Cyclone Unit.