Hydro-Cyclone Unit

Hydro-cyclone unit
Type Cyclones
ST-CC-SS10 50
ST-CC-S10 98
ST-CC-M10 168
ST-CC-L10 234
ST-CC-XL10 293
ST-CC-XXL10 357

With the hydro-cyclone unit ST-CC type, Stamex offers the best price/quality ratio solution for starch concentration, refining and starch recovery. The newly designed cyclone housing with central shaft ensures absolutely no shortcut streaming between the different compartments. Together with the highly efficient cyclonettes, the result is extremely good separation efficiency and the highest underflow densities. Density and washwater control ensure consistent starch quality.

As the pumps are the only moving parts, making it the best option for factories in remote and rural areas.

Hydro-cyclone detail


  • Starch concentration
  • Starch refining
  • Starch washing (modified starches)
  • Starch recovery


  • Cost effective
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Excellent starch quality
  • No extra safety measures required
  • Reliable, robust, straight forward design
  • Easy accessibility due to low positioned cyclone housings
  • Easy and fast cleaning by exchanging the cyclone holders (minimum downtime)
  • Full covered stainless steel pump base, makes the unit is to clean and maintain

Stamex also provides spare parts for various brands of Hydro-Cyclone Unit.