Type Rotor (mm) Saw blades Motor (kW)
ST-R-835-500 ø835/500 120 200
ST-R-835-600 ø835/600 120 200, 250
ST-R-1000-500 ø1000/500 160 200, 250
ST-R-1000-600 ø1000/600 160 250, 315

The rasper is the key component determining the yield of the tapioca/potato process. Stamex has developed an extremely reliable rasper to provide higher rasping efficiency over a longer period of time.


Grinding of cassava/tapioca roots, potatoes and other tubers


Rasper detail
  • Highest rasping efficiency due to high rotation speed of 2100 rpm and narrow rasping aperture
  • Special one piece forged hardened steel rotor ring guarantees maximum safety and longest lifetime
  • Thick plated stainless steel rotor-housing provides extreme stiffness that is required to meet the excessive loads during operation
  • Shaft seal labyrinth ensures absolute no product leaking
  • Bearing housing is provided with a labyrinth and lip seal to prevent water leakage towards the bearing

Stamex also provides spare parts for various brands of Rasper.