Centrifugal Sieves

Centrifugal sieve
Type ø Basket (mm) Motor (kW) Screen type Screen size Application
ST-S-1000-WW-X 1000 37,45 Wedge wire 60-125 Fibre extraction
ST-S-1000-ML-X 1000 37 Multilayer 50-80 Fine fibre screening

The centrifugal sieve ST-S-1000 fully embodies Stamex’s motto "innovation through experience." The completely new designed machine contains many groundbreaking new features which brings starch extraction and fine fibre screening to a new era.


Centrifugal sieve basket

Starch extraction (potato, tapioca)
Fine fibre screening (potato, tapioca, wheat, corn, rice)


Centrifugal sieve basket
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Spiral casing sieve house, provides optimal liquid discharge and prevents liquid accumulation inside the sieve housing
  • High pressure cleaning system
  • Oval perforated sieve basket, for optimal backflush cleaning access
  • Wedge wire screens for starch extraction: Extremely rigid (size 60-125µm)
  • Multilayer screen for fine fibre screening: Highest fibre removal (size 50-60µm)

Stamex also provides spare parts for various brands of Centrifugal Sieves.