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Centrifugal Sieve

Centrifugal Sieve

The centrifugal sieve ST-S-1000 fully embodies Stamex’s motto “innovation through experience.” The completely redesigned machine contains many groundbreaking new features which brings starch extraction and fine fibre screening to a new era.


Starch extraction and fine fibre screening (potato, tapioca, wheat, corn, rice)


  • The sieve unit can be equipped with V-belt Drive or Direct Drive
  • Extremely robust construction
  • Spiral casing sieve house, provides optimal liquid discharge and prevents liquid accumulation inside the sieve housing
  • Patented WIDE basket provides 30% extra capacity
  • Hinged feed and wash water inlet
  • High pressure cleaning system, front and back flush
  • Diamond-shaped perforated sieve basket, for optimal back flush cleaning access
  • Wedge wire screens for starch extraction: Extremely rigid (size 40-500μm)
  • Multilayer screen for fine fibre screening: Highest fibre removal (size 54-70μm)

Stamex provides spare parts for various brands of Centrifugal Sieves.