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The Stamex Story

The Stamex Story

Stamex is a Dutch owned group of companies with its premises in Thailand. Since 2005, Stamex has become a leading manufacturer of equipment for the starch processing industry.

The owners, Henk de Vries and Mark Schuur have extensive experience in the starch industry.

Their hands-on, no nonsense approach, combined with extreme determination for quality and innovation, resulted in a trustworthy company with 70 employees selling worldwide

The Stamex group consists of 3 companies:

Stamex Technology Co.,Ltd. is a Thai registered, BOI promoted company, active in engineering and manufacturing of starch processing equipment.

Stamex Precision Works Co., Ltd. is a Thai registered company, active in machining parts for ST, after-sales services (maintenance), and trading for the Thai market.

Stamex International Limited is a Hong Kong registered company, active in trading the ST equipment, parts and services for the overseas markets.

Our mission is to manufacture starch processing equipment and services that excel in quality, innovation, durability and best price-performance ratio.

The mission is achieved by:

  • 45 years of manufacturing experience
  • State of the art manufacturing workshop, using latest CNC and laser-cut machines, highly skilled welding professionals, dedicated mechanics, situated at a cost effective location.
  • Use of the best quality (imported) materials and components.
  • Spacious head office, facilitating administration and engineering using the latest design programs.
  • R&D testing facility in which the new innovations are developed and tested.
  • Strategic partnershipswith other suppliers, to provide turnkey solutions
  • The experienced service team, providing fast and effective service.
  • Spare parts storage in Thailand and The Netherlands.

Innovation is paramount to Stamex. We put a lot of effort and resources in improving our equipment and developing new products, resulting various PATENTS PENDING.


  • 2005 Stamex Technology was founded
  • 2006 First production area
  • 2006 Stamex workshop I
  • 2007 1st major project (Tapioca starch)
  • 2007 BOI granted for Stamex Technology
  • 2009 1st major overseas project (Tapioca, Indonesia)
  • 2009 Stamex workshop II
  • 2010 Stamex Precision works was founded
  • 2011 Stamex International Limited (Hongkong) was founded
  • 2012 Expansion Stamex workshop III and IV (area enlarged 200%)
  • 2013 Major worldwide sparepart contract with leading manufacturer
  • 2014 1st major project in Australia (wheat starch)
  • 2014 1st major project in Russia (wheat starch)
  • 2015 1st major project in Europe (wheat starch)
  • 2016 1st major project in Vietnam (Tapioca Starch)
  • 2017 1st major project in Africa (Tapioca Starch)
  • 2018 New R&D test area
  • 2018 Upgrading production line with lasercut and CNC machinery
  • 2019 New head office