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Precleaner Cyclone

Precleaner Cyclone

The precleaner cyclone unit with ceramic cone provides optimal pretreatment preventing excessive wear from sand and other abrasive particles.

It consists of an abrasion resistance ceramic cone with stainless steel head, a settling tank including upstream water and sand discharge system, all mounted on a stainless steel frame.

The stainless steel settling tank creates the non-turbulent environment required for effective sand separation. The variable discharge valves ensure no starch losses in sand discharge.

The settling tank collects the separated sand. The sand is discharged by an automatic valve system.


Sand and particle removal from liquids and suspensions

First Desanding

  • Removal of sand and saw blade teeth out of the rasper slurry

Second Desanding

  • Removal of fine sand (red soil) out of a viscous suspension/liquid (starch milk)


  • Ceramic cyclone: high abrasion resistant, longer lifetime
  • New Hurricane cyclone head provides highest capacity and excellent separation 
  • Turbo cyclone head provides high separation efficiency at lower pressure
  • Variable underflow discharge: no starch losses
  • Sand settling tank
  • High sand removal efficiency
  • Negligible starch loss due to upstream water
  • Automatic sand discharge
  • All stainless steel frame

Stamex provides spare parts for various brands of Precleaner Cyclone Unit.